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Lumin+ Platform™
Lumin+ Platform™

Innovate, Manufacture, Deploy & Operate

Harness advanced computation and analytics and maximize the potential of your energy technology or projects. By leveraging these tools, you can unlock significant benefits and drive optimal performance.

Lifecycle Management - Innovators, Manufactures, Developers, Financial Institutions, Operators 

The advancement of distribution grid digital twins is fundamental in a system with a high proliferation of Virtual Power Plants [VPPs]. These digital twins provide a realistic representation of the actual grid, leading to more informed decision-making processes. An advanced digital twin of the grid should represent the physical grid and its assets across multiple dimensions, including both static and dynamic features.


Without this advanced technology, stakeholders face challenges in accurately and efficiently assessing the physics and economics of VPPs on the distribution grid. Therefore, there is a pressing need to develop and deploy advanced digital twins, specifically designed for distribution grid applications. This will enable stakeholders to effectively evaluate, implement, and operate VPP solutions with confidence.


VPPs are posed for an accelerated deployment globally due to their unique quality to provide electricity in urban and remote locations with high levels of reliability. The reliability factor is underpinned by the proximity of generation sources with their end-use loads as they are not reliant on a large, interconnected transmission system. While this limits the generation resources to a particular load, it removes the larger, interconnection network that increases the risks of disruption. VPPs consist of technologies such as rooftop solar panels, distributed wind turbines, and energy storage systems.


The power distribution industry is currently facing a gap in the development of high-quality surrogates like the ones developed by other industries e.g. autonomous driving. This software would provide a virtual representation of the physical distribution grid, allowing for the design, as well as real-time operations and predictive analysis of the ‘VPP enabled’ distribution grid and its assets.

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