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Improving Grid Visibility & Enhancing Reliability 

Deep Decarbonisation - Towards a 100% Renewable Energy Penetration

Grid Digital Twin

The Digital Twins Of A Modern Day Grid Need To Be Realistic In Order To Improve Visibility & Enhance Reliability

We have developed a platform to enable seamless integration of renewable energy technologies into the grid. Our software platform addresses the key issue with renewable integration like grid visibility and reliability. 


Distribution Grid

The distribution grid needs to modernise in order to catchup to the advancements in Virtual Power Plants [VPPs] and other Distributed Energy Resources [DER]. Improving its visibility and reliability in lights of the proliferation of VPP's is critical. 

Transmission Grid

The transmission grid modernisation needs to accelerate in order to support the integration of distributed and grid scale renewable energy projects and their integration into the electric power system.



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BK Ngejane

CEO at Peniel Impact

“Having the capabilities to measure high resolution system behaviours of the grid is crucial for accelerating renewables”

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