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We are accelerating the acceleration of data insights within the sustainability markets, with our robo-advisor. 

For us sustainability means; ESG, Thematic & Impact. 

....let us improve the way we discover, share and analyse data


....leverage the power of your existing data for topline growth, efficiency, social and environmental impact. 

"Think of us as an augmenta to your innovation officer!!"

meet peniel impact investmet


Peniel works across the three components of sustainability to drive objective decision making by leveraging data insights and cutting-edge technologies. 


Peniel Impact helps clients persuing the Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) targets with; data insights, cutting-edge technologies and resources to achieve their targets. 


We help clients of all sizes uncover hidden insights in thematic datasets. We collect, analyse and share data based on specific themes the client is interested in.  


For impact-driven organisations, we work across all corporate functions in order to drive for data-driven and objective decision making.