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To Reduce The Cost of Reliable, Clean Energy

We need to focus on: Energy Storage, Biofuels, Carbon Management and Green hydrogen

Getting To NetZero Emissions

At Peniel Impact our goal is to help the world reduce the cost of clean energy solutions - that enable efficient pathways towards NetZero. 

Our Approach

Peniel Impact excels in developing AI solutions that empower our clients to leverage advanced computational tools and simulations. Our focus is on the design, optimization, analysis, deployment, and operation of clean energy systems. In collaboration with our partners, we expedite the market introduction of products, aiming to minimize the cost of abating greenhouse gas emissions and maximize energy efficiency. Our comprehensive approach encompasses the entire lifecycle of energy systems.

About Us

We have assembled a team of highly skilled engineers and scientists who are experts in their respective fields. This collective expertise has enabled us to develop a range of web applications and computational tools, leveraging AI/ML technologies, that are specifically designed to accelerate every stage of the clean energy lifecycle.



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BK Ngejane

Founder & CEO of Peniel Impact

A goal that seemed impossible has now been made feasible by the incredible support we receive from our partners

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