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Reducing The Cost of Green Hydrogen

A Renewable Option

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen refers to hydrogen that is derived from renewable energy sources through a processes known as electrolysis.

We have developed computational tools to enhance the lifecycle management of green hydrogen. Our AI software addresses the fundamental lifecycle stages of green hydrogen from research & development through to operations and maintenance  


01. Research & Development

R&D can lead to decreased technology cost and improved quality through product optimization, safety and reliability performance improvements.

02. Manufacturing Optimisation

Efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes are essential for the widespread adoption of green hydrogen technologies.

03. Supply Chains & Recycling

By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in the supply chain, we can enhance the resilience of Green Hydrogen technologies and ensure the availability of crucial materials and components.

04. Market Creation 

The utilization of advanced modeling tools is essential in the establishment of the Green Hydrogen market, as they empower a data-driven approach to business development, resulting in a more knowledgeable decision-making process.

05. Technoeconomics

By leveraging advanced computational tools for technoeconomic analysis, stakeholders can enhance their ability to generate more precise project estimates.

06. Production, Operations & Maintenance

Enhancing the visibility of deployed Green Hydrogen assets will play a substantial role in reducing operational and maintenance (O&M) expenses.

08. Dispensing

Enhancing the visibility of deployed green hydrogen assets will play a substantial role in reducing operational and maintenance [O&M] expenses.




BK Ngejane

CEO at Peniel Impact

“Working towards the reduction of green hydrogen costs is both an honor and a responsibility as we strive to enable the global decarbonization of industrial processes and facilitate the transition towards a NetZero future.”

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