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Lifecycle Management - Innovators, Developers, Energy Managers, Financial Institutions

Food Systems Decarbonisation - Cross-cutting

Lifecycle Management | Fleet Managers, Energy Purchasers, Developers | Applications


Introducing ClairVo™


ClairVo™ is equipped with a capability that aids decision makers in evaluating technology improvements and compare technology progress on key metrics in order to make batter informed decision around capital deployment on LDES, transportation technologies and other technologies. For decision makers who want to understand the potential learning curve of research and development (R&D) investments into cutting edge technologies like LDES, EV, FCEV’s etc, ClairVo™ attempts to assist in that regard.


We all use data to help guide our big purchases, and ClairVo helps decision makers make more informed decisions about energy technology investments. Whether you are analysing potential technology improvements or evaluating how different research projects can help meet program goals, ClairVo™ can help develop a clearer picture of how energy technologies respond to R&D investments.

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