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Decarbonising Military and Defence

Our state-of-the-art analytics platform, Lumin Plus™, stands out as the ultimate solution for untangling the complexities of decarbonizing the intricate food service supply chain. By seamlessly merging advanced analytics with innovative technologies, we empower businesses to navigate challenges across various sectors such as sea transportation, heavy-duty transportation, medium to light-duty transportation, warehousing, and retailing, including large-scale HVAC systems. In the realm of sustainability, quantifying emissions from the global food supply chain proves daunting. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that 20% of global emissions originate from transportation and 30% from buildings, a significant portion of which relates to food supply chains. Lumin Plus™ plays a crucial role in fostering a sustainable future by focusing on these vital sectors. To effectively combat emissions within the food supply chain, Lumin Plus™ provides in-depth insights and analysis, prioritizing the integration of transportation decarbonization with both centralized and distributed renewable power generation—referred to as [Renewable Energy + Long Duration Energy Storage (RE+LDES)]. Furthermore, our solution expands its impact through the incorporation of virtual power plants, offering a comprehensive approach to emissions reduction. A notable feature of our analytics platform is its seamless integration with the EcoFleet™ suite of products, optimizing decision-making at the intersection of transport electrification and broader power planning. In essence, Lumin Plus™ transcends traditional analytics tools, serving as a catalyst for sustainable transformation by providing the insights and capabilities necessary to tackle emissions challenges within the food service supply chain while seamlessly integrating with existing tools. By leveraging the power of data and analytics, businesses can proactively move towards a greener and more sustainable future.

An Integrated Solution


Fleet Decarbonisation 

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Make large-scale data-driven vehicle decarbonisation decisions. Quantify cost and performance of a whole range of parameters within your fleet decarbonisation plans.

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Make optimal decisions regarding your supercharger deployment and scheduling of EV charging. Plan your systems for efficiency.

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Explore the synergies between your fleet and power systems and how they improve efficiency and economics electrified transportation. 

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Conduct volumetric calculations of the energy contained in the working gas for green hydrogen storage sites.

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