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Green Hydrogen

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Use AI to enhance the safety and reliability of H2 systems. Improve safety and reliability from the cell level to the system level with modelling and analysis techniques, while also benchmarking with the incumbent .

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To gain widespread acceptance, green H2 technologies must demonstrate superior safety and reliability compared to competing options like natural gas. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct thorough testing and evaluation of critical aspects of green H2, spanning from individual cells to complete systems. Our platform is strategically designed to enhance the safety and reliability of green H2 across all levels, from cell to system.

Moreover, this exercise also enables the quantification and recognition of the inherent safety and reliability value of green H2 systems in comparison to the fossil based incumbent. These aspects are often overlooked in benchmarking and technology selection processes like levelized cost of storage [LCOS].

Learn more how to tackle safety & reliability

Unlock the full potential of our AI-powered advanced software toolkit, meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate data and models for assessing the safety of hydrogen, methane, and propane in their respective use, delivery, and storage infrastructure. Our cutting-edge AI model incorporates risk assessment calculations that factor in failure probabilities of equipment components for both compressed gaseous and liquefied fuels, along with probabilistic models to evaluate the impact of heat flux and overpressure on individuals.
Additionally, the model integrates experimentally-validated models for various facets of release behavior and flame physics. With its user-friendly interface, our comprehensive toolkit supports diverse analysis needs such as code and standards development, safety basis establishment, facility safety planning, and stakeholder engagement, delivering invaluable insights and guidance to ensure the secure utilization of alternative fuels. Experience the added convenience of autogenerating new features and effortlessly configuring the model through our state-of-the-art natural language processing engine from OpenAI.
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