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By harnessing the capabilities of supercomputing and leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence, our AI platform grants access to generative design capabilities for clean energy technologies. 

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Lifecycle Management | Innovators

To design resilient and safe clean energy technologies, it is crucial to comprehend how energy, the environment, and people impact these technologies. This understanding plays a pivotal role in selecting or developing suitable materials and coatings capable of withstanding various challenges. Additionally, it guides the design of energy technologies and systems to mitigate risks, ensure structural integrity, and optimize capacity and performance. However, the current lack of comprehensive knowledge on the interactions between energy, environment, and people hinders the effective design of resilient and safe clean energy technologies.

Without this knowledge, stakeholders face difficulties in identifying appropriate materials, coatings, and design strategies to address diverse exposures and ensure the long-term reliability and safety of clean energy technologies. Therefore, there is a pressing need to enhance our understanding of the impact of energy, environment, and people on clean energy technologies, enabling the development of design guidelines and strategies that minimize risks, maximize performance, and ensure the overall resilience and safety of these technologies in diverse operational conditions.

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