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Lifecycle Management - Innovators, Developers, Energy Managers, Financial Institutions

Food Systems Decarbonisation - Cross-cutting

Lifecycle Management | Fleet Managers, Energy Purchasers, Developers | Applications


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Introducing StakeVu™

StakeVu™ is an iterative model that explores all stakeholder viewpoints in the analysis of evolving electricity systems. ClairVo™ has the capability to gain insights into how structural electricity system changes impact an interconnected energy ecosystem both as a whole and from the perspectives of different stakeholders.


Electricity system planning is currently conducted from the perspective of a single central planner, with limited consideration for other stakeholders, such as suppliers, regulators, and consumers. With the current wave of technological, market and policy innovations, we see an evolving landscape and the integration of VPP will accelerate the evolution even much faster. 


As these evolutions emerge, new questions arise regarding the structure of future electricity systems. One the critical questions, is how decentralized will generation and other grid services become? And to what degree might customers or communities choose total or partial self-supply?

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