The Digital SME: Why intelligent ventures Impact.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Forgetting all this abundance in knowledge we have today, every business no matter how large or small is constantly working on three issues; one, improving the bottom line two, improving operational efficiency and three, delivering on impact. 

So neither of those outcomes are possible today, without someone changing their physical behavior, sometimes their thought process. You cannot drive impact and growth in any market unless someone decides to buy you over your competitor or they decide to use your product differently than they have used it in the past. Same goes with operational efficiency someone has to stop doing something and do another.

So you can identify the behaviors, the key impact and economic gear of your business, the way that value is created whether it’s top-line growth, efficiency or impact.

So what kind of values should we focus on, and how do we track those behaviors to see if they are having the impact we were hoping for, to see if we can course-correct along the way. And then the question then comes, what technologies do we want to use.

There are three basic ways that we can break down human behavior and where the opportunity to create value for human behavior exists. So you can change the outcomes of your operations by changing how the people work within them, you can change the outcomes of your immediate downstream customers, and you can change the outcome in the end market or those you wish to impact.

Depending on the outcomes of the exercise above, you can then focus on one or more of the following processes by implementing technologies; HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Procurement, Legal, Production, Product Management, Facilities, Risk & Compliance, Strategy, Communications, General Management, Customer Services, R&D, Marketing, Operations, IT & Ethics, Impact Measurement & Monitoring.  

The technologies can be anything from; AI, Blockchain, Satellite Imagery, Robotics & Drone Technology, Sensors & IoT, Data Analytics, 3D printing, Cloud-Based Technologies, to AR/VR.

It might seem too futuristic and expensive, but believe me, it's quite simple and affordable.

An example of how we learn human behavior and improve it: "We learn unique work email habits, patterns, and preferences to understand you better and serve you accordingly. With a Personalized Artificial Intelligence platform which brings value to businesses we make you win".

And how about? "We help you use an Artificial Intelligence that takes commands, performs actions and captures highlights in meetings to share them and create actionable recaps. Focus on the conversation knowing all will be captured and shared whatever you highlighted. Turn talk into action".

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