Sustainable Social Housing meets Pharrell Williams.

What does affordable housing have anything to do with the multi grammy award-winning musician?

Well, it turns out these two worlds of art and sustainable social housing have indeed collided at the last years XPRIZE Visionairing hosted by the XPRIZE Foundation as they celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Well! we are "super stoked!!" to be associated with the XPRIZE Foundation and we look forward to a partnership filled with innovative and learning and I can tell you now, housing will not be the same again after this treatment.

Taking a moment to reflect on the legacy of "The Ansari XPrize of 2004" The $10 million Ansari XPRIZE was designed to lower the risk and cost of going to space by incentivizing the creation of a reliable, reusable, privately financed, manned spaceship that finally made private space travel commercially viable.

The benefits have reached far-afield as noted with the reusability of falcon launch vehicles by SpaceX and others significantly lower the cost of space services. The social and environmental effects of a highly accessible low-earth orbit are immense and would be better suited for a dedicated blog, as this piece only served to provide the depth of what is possible for housing.

Stay with us and see what's coming ahead of the curve!

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