4 million new analytics translators by 2026 according to financial times.

There is a saying in the tech circles "that technology destroys traditional jobs, but creates many new roles". There is a new role coined by the consultancy McKinsey, The Analytics Translator. In this article by Financial Times, you will learn more about this new role and more. In the US, McKinsey argues, there may be as many as four million such translators working in organisations by 2026

According to the report, 40% of businesses surveyed say that their market intelligence* requirements are changing at a pace that is leaving them behind.

"Although securing the most incisive strategic insight is a priority for boards, many companies lack confidence about their competencies in key areas: Limited horizon scanning, Lost in translation, Technical failure, Data without democracy".

“The recognition is that the technology guys are very good at enabling things – at building systems, platforms and algorithms – but what they’re not qualified to do is to determine what’s a good source of information to feed the machine.”

Demand on this scale, Phillips suggests, reflects the imperative for a new type of competency in the organisation: individuals capable of marrying the technical with the strategic. “You need that person who sits in the middle of a triangle,” he argues. “They know the data sources and supplier partners. They know the capabilities of the technology. But they don’t have to be so intimate [with it] as to be able to code and build algorithms. [But] they know the needs of the business through legacy knowledge.”

I am curious to know;

1. Have you heard of this new role from your organisation or in your networks?

2. Are you able to outsource such services to your advisors for your business?

3. You might want to add a comment below for insights and more on this topic.

Check out the rest of the report on the link below.

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