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H2 Lifecycle Management | Innovators | Safety & Reliability 

To gain widespread acceptance, LDES technologies must demonstrate superior safety and reliability compared to competing options like lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct thorough testing and evaluation of critical aspects of LDES, spanning from individual cells to complete systems. Our platform is strategically designed to enhance the safety and reliability of LDES across all levels, from cell to system.

Moreover, this exercise also enables the quantification and recognition of the inherent safety and reliability value of LDES systems in comparison to lithium-ion batteries. These aspects are often overlooked in benchmarking and technology selection processes like levelized cost of storage (LCOS).



Enable automated creation and visualization of battery cycling databases, streamlining the interpretation and management of vast quantities of data derived from battery and cell cycling tests, encompassing design and chemistry information. Leverage natural language processing techniques to optimize your database, interpret visualizations, and extract deeper insights from your data through interactive chat-based interactions.

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Facilitate the automated simulation and benchmarking of battery thermodynamics, expediting the interpretation and administration of extensive data generated from simulations. Employ natural language processing techniques to optimize the thermodynamics optimization process, interpret visualizations, and extract profound insights from the data through interactive chat-based interactions. Validate and compare these insights against industry standards pertaining to lithium-ion batteries.



Utilize natural language processing techniques to facilitate the visualization, analysis, and benchmarking of battery data throughout the entire LDES technology development and improvement cycle, encompassing data from material characterization, cell testing, manufacturing, and field testing. Interpret the visualizations and extract deep insights from the data through interactive chat-based interactions, enhancing the understanding and decision-making processes in battery research and development.

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Leverage our chat-based feature to delve into the degradation of your storage technologies using our comprehensive model, which aligns with industry benchmarks for electrical and thermal performance. Evaluate the battery lifespan specifically for LDES systems and benchmark them against established standards set by lithium-ion batteries. This analytical approach allows for a thorough assessment of degradation and a comparative analysis between different storage technologies.

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