Are you a developer, if that is you then welcome!

We run calls for participation and expression of interests (EoI) including (RFQ's) in order to socilite your project development support. Kindly register and indicate your interests and expertise in order to receive the relevant information 

Green JOBS 


We are developing new ways of reskilling labour using the latest technology. We hope to first understand the demographics and skill levels of the labour market and then design pathways to a just transition into a green and more sustainable economy. We acknowledge that data plays a key role in helping plan more efficiently 

We are looking for innovative and data-driven approaches to tackling the plastic problem. We hope to leverage your data insights within the areas of alternative feedstocks, improved recyclability, manufacturing process improvements and more. 

Sustainable Plastics

Sustainable Smart Cities


Are you passionate about bringing lasting change in the way we build our communities? We are collaborating with developers to help sustainable housing achieve efficiency, top-line growth and deeper impact 

Frontline Health

Help us make healthcare affordable and borderless. We would love to partner with developers who have experience developing healthcare projects.


Help us develop better insights into the renewable energy landscape. We would like to partner with data organisations with insights from Grid level up to household consumption level. If that is you, please come and JAM with us.

Sustainable Energy


From Direct Air Capture (DAC) to Carbon Capture & Use (CCU) or Solar Fuel. Lets team and understand how we can leverage technology to help scale and keep our planet clean

C02 Markets

Space Exploration


Want to learn about how data technology will revolutionise the space exploration industries and how you can capitalise on this ever-evolving and fast-paced environment, we would love to connect with you.

Sustainabe Food


We are modelling the alternative protein ingredients and equipment landscape, help us bring clarity to our clients to plan well and improve their decision making.

Costal & Islands 


We are developing data insights to helps better serve island states as we recover from the pandemic. If you would like to learn more, come work with us.

Sustainable Fashion

Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 21.57.59.png

The entire clothing value chain is wrong, it is inefficient and creates so excessive waste. Come and help us improve it. 

Sustainable Mobility

Seattle Transit Maps.png

The transportation industry is the biggest polluter in the world. We need your data skills to help us unpack some of the bottlenecks in the way we transport both humans and things.

5G Optimisation


Your skill could be the key that unlocks the greatest insights into how data is shared through the broadband network. Come solve the greatest communication challenges of our time with us