Production Associate 

We are developing new ways of reskilling labour using the latest technology. Our mission is to reduce the time by 50%, significantly reduce the cost while democratising access to the training. 

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Social media has democratised access to publishing, which has unfortunately also lead to an increase in science misinformation. Let's analyse the trends in this emerging security threat to better communicate the objectives of scientific discovery. 

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Science Misinformation

Future of Sustainable Housing

Are you passionate about bringing lasting change in the way we build our communities? We are collaborating with developers to help sustainable housing achieve efficiency, top-line growth and deeper impact 

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Help us make healthcare affordable and borderless. We would love to partner with developers who have experience developing healthcare projects.

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Frontline Health

Help us better understand the CX requirements of Web3 and AI startups so we can service them better.

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Customer Experiance for Web3 

A collaboration to make Web3 applications improve on their UX. ZiP is a concept to create a cross-chain crypto-commodity which can be used across blockchain networks. 

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Project ZiP

inspired by the vulcan from the star trek series, we are building a robo advisor to accelerate the acceleration of data insights within the sustainability markets 

company registration number: 2014/157959/07